Southern Blogs You Should Be Reading (continued)

Southern blogs can cover a broad range of things. From food to decorations there are so many different aspects of Southern culture. I have shared before about three Southern blogs you should be reading, and today I am going to add on to the list. Here are three more blogs centered around Southern culture you should check out: 

Source: Southern Kitchen

Southern Kitchen 

  • This blog is bigger than the ones I highlighted last time. As a result,  you will see content on more things outside of food such as entertainment, drinks, and “goods” (recommendations for kitchen supplies)
  • Southern Kitchen does a good job of covering just about everything 
  • This holiday season is a great time to try their recipe for “Herb Roasted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy” 
Source: Black Foodie

Black Foodie

  • This blog is all about sharing food and culture through the Black lens. 
  • They have curated a whole bunch of content that speaks directly to the Black culture that is present in the South
  • If you are looking for a new product to support, check their post on a Black owned stuffed waffle maker
Source: For The Love Of The South

For The Love Of The South 

  • This blog takes us back to the traditional smaller publication of content on Southern culture
  • While it has this small blog feel, the author of this site has a big reputation and has even created a recipe for Whole Foods Market. 
  • As you get inspired to get in the kitchen, definitely check out the recipe for cast iron chicken pot pie in their post “Ode To Cast Iron” 

Southern culture is hard to beat and these blogs do a great job of sharing why it is so amazing. Whenever you are in the mood to try something new or curious about the depths of Southern culture definitely check out these blogs as well as the three sites I talked about earlier. 


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